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  • March 2023 Client of the Month: Sarah Benzel

    March 2023 Client of the Month: Sarah Benzel

    I have been training Sarah for the last year and I absolutely love seeing her get out of her comfort zone, become more confident and get stronger every day. Strength training and the kind of cardio we do at the gym were so new to her, yet she always embraces every workout. Sure, workouts can seem scary at times, but she never says no. She pushes every time she shows up and it is no wonder she is seeing so many results. It is amazing what a year can do! Check out what Sarah has to say about her fitness journey. Q: What was your health and fitness like prior to training with Dig Your Deepest? A: I dabbled in yoga and pilates for several years, but was never truly ....

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  • A Personal Trainer’s Top 7 Fitness Trends Peloton Is Doing Right

    A Personal Trainer’s Top 7 Fitness Trends Peloton Is Doing Right

    Foreword: ‘Cause I get a lot of comments like “I can’t believe YOU got a Peloton,” I feel obliged to just say this. Yes, I know that I am a Personal Trainer and that I live in Los Angeles; so theoretically I have everything I should need intrinsically and physically to get some cardio in without a Peloton. I am no different than my clients or many of you. I will workout hard when I show up but I too need that accountability and inspiration. Trainers need trainers too, at least I do. And yes I should dust off my bike that’s collecting dirt on my patio and take it out for a spin. And I might one day. For now though, I feel good about my decision to take ....

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  • Debunking 4 Myths Of What Fitness “Should” Cost

    Debunking 4 Myths Of What Fitness “Should” Cost

    I am going to cut right to it. When it comes to what Group Fitness Classes and Personal Training “should” cost, there are some seriously flawed perceptions that should be killed stat (along with COVID). Let’s Start with Group Fitness Classes. Before we do though, I think it is really REALLY important to distinguish between a Group Instructor and a Coach. Group Instructors tend to run classes that are more choreographed and have flows that the participants can follow along to while doing the workout too. Coaches are there to demo, give verbal and visual cues and watch for safety and form (and are not working out along with the participants). Group ....

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  • Spoiler Alert: Virtual Personal Training Works

    Spoiler Alert: Virtual Personal Training Works

    Spoiler Alert: I am a big advocate for Virtual Training right now because with the right trainer, you will forget you aren’t at a gym! There is still some ambiguity, skepticism and hesitation around how Virtual Training works. I get asked about it every day and what my experience has been with it as a Personal Trainer. I have been conducting all my sessions and classes via Zoom which is a really great, user friendly web meeting site. With cameras and audio on, it is the perfect solution to being Safer at Home for training clients. I compiled some FAQ’s I have been asked over the last few weeks and my thoughts on them. Virtual Training is our new reality and so I ....

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  • 2020 Brings My Personal Training Business a Chance to Be Part of a New World

    2020 Brings My Personal Training Business a Chance to Be Part of a New World

    I want to share a story that happened recently as it forced me to evaluate what I want for my Personal Training business, and confront some realities as to what has been holding me back. The really short version of the story is that the gym (let’s call it Gym X) where I had been training some of my Personal Training clients the last year at, informed me that they would no longer be renting space to independent trainers after the New Year. I was told on Dec.11th You can do the math and conclude on your own that well the timing and lack of notice SUCKED. Ok so I digress. At any rate, that decision on the part of Gym X set into motion a lot of things for me and I want ....

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  • ‘Tis The Season To Not Work Out?

    ‘Tis The Season To Not Work Out?

    I recently sent an email out to my business distro and I want to expand on it as it has led to even more interesting discussions. A conversation that has come up easily a dozen times over the last few weeks as the holiday season is here in full force, is around whether it’s “good” or “bad” to not workout over the holidays. I intentionally am using quotes for good and bad because those terms connote absolutes. And I am not always a fan of absolutes when it comes to fitness, particularly when it is putting a universal label on something that is quite individualized. Yes, unquestionably, it can be perfectly ok to take a break from working out over the ....

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  • What The Candida Diet Taught Me About Wellness

    What The Candida Diet Taught Me About Wellness

    Foreword: This post could almost be two separate posts. I chose to put together though my latest on my experience with the Candida Diet and some pertinent lessons I learned as they really complement each other quite well. So please read through and see how it all comes together. The Candida Diet Has Come to an End I broke up with the Candida Diet after almost 4 months together. I was quite simply, OVER IT! Why was I on it to begin with, you ask? Here is why: For other people who perhaps enjoy cooking and can get more creative with recipes, or perhaps those who eat meat, they likely would have had a ....

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  • Dear Universe: Please Bring Me My Own Space

    Dear Universe: Please Bring Me My Own Space

    Coaching group classes outdoors is so much fun and very freeing. There is something about exercising outdoors that just creates a different vibe than being inside. It’s been great having like a big playground essentially to use for different things. Stairs to run up, circles to warm up in, benches to plank on. It’s been a blessing. Long term though, I know I have to think bigger. I am a big believer in putting out to the universe what I want and so that is what I am going to do through this post. If I am to be specific, and greedy, for what I want long term for my business, it is the following. I want my own space. The thing with any gym or studio I potentially ....

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  • Why Summer Boot Camp is Giving Me All The Feels

    Why Summer Boot Camp is Giving Me All The Feels

    When ya realize you fell off the blogging bandwagon and it has been a month since the last post, you sit your ass down at a coffee shop and get to writing! This is a great time to catch you up on what I have been up to with my business. Summer Boot Camp Inspiration For the last year or so, on and off, I have had been training small classes. I was sort of forced to stop doing them as the park I was at, apparently had given me misinformation initially. Long story but the short of it is, I could not continue there. And so I paused classes. A few weeks ago, I woke up one Saturday morning and had one of those unexpected moments of, wow, I really miss training classes. I LOVE the ....

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  • Finding My Niche as a Personal Trainer

    Finding My Niche as a Personal Trainer

    Oh the irony of celebrating my very first Personal Training client’s 1 Year Anniversary of working with me while at the same time, I was pretty down and depressed about having lost a few clients recently. I feel like I am in some outer body experience some of the time given how disparagingly different my emotions are between the two. My gratitude for having my first client still with me (and that she is always prioritizing training as part of her self –care), is immense. She instills in me the confidence in my talent and abilities (because let’s be real. Being new to something can make us feel anything but that). It also is the best validation I ever could dream ....

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