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Personal Training

Customize every aspect of your fitness training and enjoy the sustainable results that come with it. Our Personal Training Program in North Chesterfield is perfect for all ages and experience levels. Learn more today!

Semi-Private Training

Our Semi-Private Personal Training combines the best of both worlds in one revolutionary program. With custom-tailored training, expert coaches, and a few fellow members to keep you motivated and accountable, Dig Your Deepest is your source for fitness and community!


Our Small Group StrongBoard sessions are designed to make sure you get the most out of your workout. We offer hands-on instruction that is tailored to your unique skill set and your individual fitness goals. Learn more about everything we have to offer in North Chesterfield.

Online Fitness Training

Our Online Fitness training program combines strength gains, cardio exercises, and sustainable weight loss to help you enjoy sustainable success like never before. This program is perfect for all experience levels. Learn more today!


Sarah Benzel

I've been working with Missy for 7 months now, and what started as a few sessions to get in shape for my wedding, turned into a new lifestyle! I look forward to training with Missy every week and have...

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Hannah Godwin

Missy is the best find ever on NextDoor! I remember my first Personal Training session with her one year ago. I admittedly had a hard time getting through a few rounds of 1 minute of cardio. She never...

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Kyla Wyatt

I started training with Missy in a group setting at my work. She trained us in the conference room with minimal equipment, but the workouts were tough and efficient. We’ve recently switched to v...

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C Mac

I have been a client of Missy's for about a year and a half. My original intention was to improve my form, but very soon I found that I really enjoyed the 1:1 sessions and it dramatically improved my ...

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Mina Saffarian

I've been joining Missy's training classes virtually the last few weeks. It is a lot of fun and she comes up with different challenging workouts to do each class. I have been a lot more motivated to w...

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Christian Bromley

Highly recommend Missy's group fitness classes! She's a great trainer--approachable, friendly, and fun, but still pushes you to do your best and improve each week. Her group classes are excellent for ...

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We're Getting Back to What Fitness Was Really Intended For

Dig Your Deepest, an independently-owned gym located right here in North Chesterfield (just south of Richmond), is a fresh approach to personal fitness and lifestyle. The most important step to turning a hope or want into a reality is to be mentally, physically and spiritually ready for it. Through Missy’s unique coaching and training services, you can transform your lifestyle...by digging your deepest, to get ready for that change.

We are based on the belief that the most important step to turning a hope or want into a reality is to be mentally, physically and spiritually ready for it. With our unique coaching and training services, you can transform your lifestyle. We started Dig Your Deepest because we recognized the need to get back to fitness being about health and strength.

Dig Your Deepest is Personal Training at its core, which means that even in Small Group Fitness Classes, all clients get individual attention. Dig Your Deepest creates structure and a road map while still having an informal and approachable vibe. Through my unique coaching and training services, no matter your age, level or background, you can transform your mind and body to give you confidence, health and well, bragging rights!

Whether you're located in Richmond or North Chesterfield, just fill out the form on your screen to learn more! We would love to have you join our Dig Your Deepest family. Plus, we're DOG FRIENDLY!

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