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We're all in a different place on our own unique fitness journey. Since fitness is so personal and unique, Dig Your Deepest offers a variety of ways to add fitness to your self care to make the transformations you are hoping to make in your life.

Lifestyle and fitness is so personal and unique, which is why DYD is built on having a solid 1 on 1 foundation. Through personal training, you will get individualized attention and programming designed specifically for you to reach your own personal goals. Make Personal Training part of your very own self-care.

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Personal Training

There is power in groups, which can provide you with support as you dig deep to work towards your goals. Semi-private training groups have the same fundamentals as personal training while being a shared experience. Anyone at any level can participate. Great for kids, too!

Sessions start at $35/person. Contact me for pricing and bookings.

Semi-Private Training Sessions

We offer small group StrongBoard classes (just on Saturday mornings!) so that you can harness the power in groups and support as you dig deep to work towards your goals. We're even featured as StrongBoard Trainer of the Month!

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Wanna learn more about StrongBoard? Visit their website below, and get free shipping with my coupon code "DYD"!

StrongBoard Classes


what people say

“Missy is amazing! I've been on the lookout for a cut-above trainer for a while. I seek workouts that are challenging yet creative and motivating (dare I say, fun) to do: enter Dig Your Deepest. Missy clearly has a ton of experience which shows in her ability to change things up while helping me steadily build strength and confidence in my ability to move well. She also has a high skill level in knowing and understanding proper form and can correct compensation patterns before they become a painful issue! Right now, I'm focused on balance and core strength. In 4 short weeks, I can already feel an improvement in both. If you are craving more physical activity and are still not getting to the gym, give Missy a call. It's worth the investment in your health and you'll feel great!”

- Randi K.

what people say

“I cannot say enough great things about Missy! Her workouts really help me gain confidence in my weight training abilities and her calm nature keeps me going (even when I want to start blurting out obscenities )! I'm always sore, but reinvigorated after our sessions. I would recommend her to anyone wanting some 1:1 attention to get them started or wanting to take their workout to the next level.”

- Carrie M.

what people say

“Love love love Missy's classes! She programs workouts that are challenging, effective, and fun, and I look forward to them every week. I've been taking her classes for about 2 years, and have seen myself become stronger, more fit, and more energetic as a result. Thanks Missy!” - Violet M.

what people say

“I started training with Missy in a group setting at my work. She trained us in the conference room with minimal equipment, but the workouts were tough and efficient. We’ve recently switched to virtual trainings and I am just as satisfied with the workouts! I usually stick to 30 min classes. The workouts are creative and quick. I get bored working out at home, but Missy keeps me motivated and engaged. She is quick to correct my form and call me out when I’m being lazy, but she also recognizes my current limitations. She’s great at making adjustments on the spot and giving modifications for injuries. Definitely recommend!”

- Kyla W.

what people say

“Highly recommend Missy's group fitness classes! She's a great trainer--approachable, friendly, and fun, but still pushes you to do your best and improve each week. Her group classes are excellent for friends or corporate teams wanting to work out together.”

- Christian B.

what people say

“Missy is the best find ever on NextDoor! I remember my first Personal Training session with her one year ago. I admittedly had a hard time getting through a few rounds of 1 minute of cardio. She never made me feel badly about it or like I was unfit. Missy programmed workouts for me that looked deceivingly easy on paper, but always managed to challenge me and leave me feeling accomplished. Within just a few months of working with her, I was able to do high intensity cardio workouts for a straight 20 minutes. We have transitioned to Virtual Training since COVID and it has been just as effective as in person. I have lost 30 pounds since training with Missy, including 10 pounds during this pandemic! She still can see me to make sure I am moving safely and it feels like she is right there with me. She brings a level of professionalism that is hard to find, and I always feel connected and supported by her. If you are looking for a trainer to get you excited about fitness I highly recommend Missy!”

- Hannah G.

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