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Newest Personal Trainer to the Richmond Area

Hi! I made a big move recently and so this is the perfect time to introduce myself if you are new to my site.

My name is Missy Bravo (formerly Berkowitz). I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. I was recently married, moved to Richmond and sold my house in California (in the exact opposite order!). My husband and I are both beyond excited to start afresh here. Richmond and the surrounding areas are just beautiful, the people are the friendliest ever and we are looking forward to exploring and meeting more of you.

We are living in North Chesterfield (close to Midlothian) and will be building a garage early in the New Year. It will be used for my husband’s car shop as well as my private gym. I had a garage gym at my house in California and it was the perfect space to train. For many of my clients, they appreciated the privacy, the 1:1 attention they got and the lack of distractions. With my new gym here, I aim to recreate an environment that feels safe, inclusive and inspiring to hit new fitness milestones.

In the interim, I am still accepting in-person clients to train at my house. I have plenty of space both indoors and outdoors, weather permitting.

I also havea new pricing structure and believe it or not, RATES HAVE GONE DOWN! I adjusted them to align with the industry standards in the Richmond area.

So… whether you want to have PT in person or virtually, the prices are as follows.

I am offering 3 different Monthly Packages.

1 PT session per week (or 4x per month): $320
2 PT sessions per week (or 8x per month): $600
3 PT sessions per week (or 12x per month): $840

For more info on them, click here:

2023 isn’t over yet so let’s get started to end this year on a fit-tastic note.

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