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Personal Trainer’s Favorite Workout Format For a Quick Effective Sweat Sesh

One of the biggest struggles to being consistent with exercise is fitting workouts into your schedule. The idea of needing an hour to dedicate to it can be overwhelming or stressful.

But here is the thing. Workouts do not need to be a full hour. If you are efficient with the time you do have, you can pack a lot in that will get your heart rate up (meeting the recommended cardio) and work all the muscles (selecting movements that target multiple muscle groups at once).

One of my favorite formats for those busy schedules are EMOM’s. Every Minute On the Minute. There are unlimited ways of how you can slice and dice them.

I want to share a really great article that yours truly was quoted in for how to incorporate EMOM’s into a killer, effective and efficient workout.

EMOM Workouts: What They Are and Why You Should Be Doing Them

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