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April 2023 Client of the Month: Jeanette Polaschek

Meet Jeanette, our April Client of the Month. She truly epitomizes the idea of “just keep moving.” We have trained through hip replacement recovery and most recently through knee replacement surgery. She has embraced working out as part of her physical and mental health and it is no wonder she continues to surprise herself with new personal bests. As a Trainer, I love being able to work with Jeanette as she always shows up with a positive attitude and even when a workout on paper looks challenging, she doesn’t shy away from it.

Check out what Jeanette had to say about her fitness journey.

Q: What was your health and fitness like prior to training with Dig Your Deepest?

A: I was very out of shape.  I had 3 joint replacement surgeries, one per year when I started working out with Missy.

Q: How long have you been working out with Missy and what changes have you noticed?

A:  I have been working out with Missy since the start of the pandemic.  When I started, I could barely lift my left arm from a frozen shoulder, I could not do a plank for more than 10 seconds, and sit-ups were a struggle.  Now I still have shoulder issues but my range of motion has reached a point where I can do normal jumping jacks, I can plank for over a minute and I can do lots of sit-ups.                   

Q: You recently had knee replacement surgery. What has the recovery experience been like compared to your prior hip replacement surgery?

A: I had much greater flexibility and strength going into this surgery compared with my last joint replacement surgery.  My baseline was much stronger and I was able to come back to Missy workouts after only a month of recovery.  I am still healing, but my recovery has been much more solid this time because of the training I have done with Missy.

Q: What are your fitness goals?

A: I am 64 years old.  My fitness goals focus on maintaining flexibility, strength training to combat bone degeneration and keeping my body moving.  For me, it’s a top priority to be active every day and take care of my body.

Q: Have you noticed a shift in your mindset around health and fitness since working out with Missy? If so, can you share what that has been?

A: Missy workouts got me through the pandemic.  Being able to take a break from work and spend 30 minutes 3 times a week and an hour on weekends greatly improved my mindset.  Now when I can’t workout, my energy level sinks very low and my attitude takes a dive.  Working out helps me stay balanced, gives me energy and gives me a positive attitude.

Q: What are your favorite movements and workouts and what are your least favorite?

 A: I like workouts that incorporate a variety of movements with shorter repetitions.  I don’t like workouts that just include a few movements and lots of repetition.  Missy is wonderful about asking for feedback and changing up the routines to better meet my preferences.  She also sets up the routines so that I can easily modify to accommodate my body’s limitations.

Q: What does it mean to you to be able to workout with your friends virtually a few times a week?

A: It has been a lifesaver for me during long periods of pandemic isolation.  Getting to work out with my favorite people motivates me to show up for workouts — we are accountable to each other and support each other — no judgment! 

Editor’s notes: During the pandemic, rumor has it they had a support group for workouts. They would debrief (aka probably talk smack about me!) but also get to boast and enjoy the glory of their achievements.

Q: Any advice you can give to someone new to fitness or getting back into it after some time off?

A: Meet your body where is at and accept that if you do the best you can and stick with it, you will see and feel improvements.  When I started, all I could do was roll around on a bouncy ball.  Now I work out with Missy, take long walks, ride my bike frequently and swim at least 2 times a week.

Q: What 3 things can you share with our Dig Your Deepest community about yourself?

A: Modify, modify, modify — you get much more out of the exercise if you are pushing yourself within your limits rather than struggling to do something that you are not ready to do.  Workout with friends and become accountability buddies.  Schedule 30 minute workouts during your work day to break up the day and give your body and mind a mid-day boost.

Editor’s notes: 3 things I want to share about Jeanette: She loves bike riding, is fiercely proud of her 2 children and recently got to experience the most amazing vacation in the Galapagos Island.

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