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I Hate The Candida Diet a Little Less

Foreword: I want to be REALLY clear on this because I have had quite a few people ask me why I am on the Candida Diet and also, should they do it to lose weight? I am NOT on the Candida Diet for weight loss. I am on it because my gut health is really REALLY bad right now, and it is the recommended diet to help fix it. You can read more on that here.  I am likely losing weight on this as a byproduct of making drastic diet changes. I do not weigh myself though so I cannot confirm by a number on a scale. I can validate it by what I see.

And so NO I am NOT recommending anyone to do this diet for weight loss. If weight loss is your goal, come chat with me from a fitness perspective and/or set up an appointment with a Registered Dietitian to find the best plan for YOU. (I know a few great ones if you fancy recommendations).

I Hate the Candida Diet a Little Less

Ok, so I am in my third week of the Candida Diet and my status with it is… I hate it a little less than I did when I started. I am REALLY trying. It is just the most restrictive diet ever and I have not figured out how to make food that is not so bland (I am by no means a cooking wizard!) It is making me realize and appreciate a few things though.

There is a price we pay when we feed our bodies things it does not want or should not have. At some point, our bodies will reach a breaking point which will be different for each of us. For some, it is high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, to name a few. In my case, it’s GI issues.

Personally, I am lucky though. As much as I honest to god loathe this diet, I take some solace in knowing it is not forever. Once I clear out the invaders in my gut, I can reintroduce many of the foods I so miss. (What I would do for a burrito!).

It had me thinking though that for some people, when they are doing damage to their body for years, they sometimes reach the point of no return. And that SUCKS. They often have to eliminate foods for life if they want to keep health risks and disease at bay.

So why do that to ourselves? I know for some there is an element of food addiction and underlying issues and I am not minimizing that. But for those who can practice self-control but opt not to, it is so easy to spiral to a point where the foods we have come to love and indulge no longer become an option.

A lot of it too comes back to being ready to make changes. For some, the threat of serious things, like high cholesterol or heart disease, seems so far away or not real, it is easy to ignore. And I guess I want to just put it out there that I want to be part of a culture that chooses what they put into their bodies before it becomes really serious, even life or death.

Again, my situation is not necessarily life or death right now but knowing what it can lead to, like ulcers, it would mean if it got to that point, I would have little choice as to what I eat and do not eat. And I rather take a break from them now so I can have them from time to time for the rest of my days.

Candida Diet is NOT Intended for Weight Loss

I have been a posting frenzy with this diet because I find myself to be hilarious. And because my food prepping and cooking are just straight up comical. As a result, I have had quite a few people reach out to me to ask about the diet, which is why I began this post with the foreword.

Here is the skinny, regardless of what “diet” someone is on, THERE IS NO QUICK FIX! There are changes anyone can make from getting better sleep to reducing alcohol to dialing in nutrition to leveling up their workouts. But none of them are going to mean overnight changes to our bodies and health.

As for the Candida Diet itself in relation to weight loss, there is no need for most of us to restrict ourselves as drastically as the diet requires in order to lose weight. Here’s a list of many of the foods that are not permitted on the candida diet:

Animal Proteins like bacon, canned tuna, hotdogs, sausages
Starchy Vegetables
Beans and Legumes
Nuts and Seeds
Caffeinated Tea
All sweetners except for stevia

What also scares me is, and something I am now cognizant of when posting anything relating to the candida diet, is to be clear that it is intended for better gut health and not weight loss. Yes, I am quite possibly losing weight on it but it is a byproduct and not the main purpose of the diet. Because social media is the land of being easily influenced by misinformation, it is so easy to have exposure to a diet that we want to jump onto thinking it is what is best for our bodies. And I sure as shit do not want to perpetuate that problem.

But On the Positive…

On the positive side though, I should recognize the things that are not so bad on this diet.

It is forcing me to food prep and plan my meals for the week. Plus, candida is smart and can adapt to foods, even the right foods that are permitted, if eaten too regularly. I will have to change up recipes as I go through this which as frustrating as it is will be a good thing long term to introduce different foods.

My energy level has definitely improved (excluding those days where my allergies are kicking my butt). My lab results showed that I had a gluten sensitivity, and likely since I cannot have any gluten on the Candida Diet, it’s helping with energy. I am also more hydrated now which is also attributing to improved energy.

It also is making me a better trainer. I know what it feels like to not want to give up certain foods or change my lifestyle. (My days of mimosa brunches are on hold for a while). I understand the frustration around having to diet. That also means if I can make big changes, so can anyone. And I want to continue to encourage clients to make those necessary lifestyle changes to not only get the most out of their workouts with me, but to make them feel better and healthier in general.

So while I still am not at a point of jumping for joy over the Candida Diet, I am excited to see how it cleans up my gut and makes me healthier!

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