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The Entrepreneur Life Is All About Mindset and Trust

I realized something recently. Well a few somethings really.

For one, I keep waiting for some grandiose idea or suggestion as to how to really take my business to the next level. It is as if I keep assuming there is some magic or secret sauce that I have yet to get my hands on.

I realized though, there really isn’t. The secret sauce is doing what I have been doing and being true to myself. I always feel like I am never doing enough. Like every minute that I am not putting towards somehow generating prospects or business is a failure on my part. Because I am not YET where I want to be, there is a lot of self-imposed pressure to always be doing SOMETHING. For the longest time, I was frustrated and scared that I could not figure out “how” to do it.

I have joined different groups and follow other fitness gurus thinking they know something I do not know when it comes to generating business. Maybe they do, but it really is not relevant for me.

I have been and will continue to go through the process of trial and error. Some things stick and some do not. Some things do not stick right now but might later. There is no secret sauce. It really comes down to timing and above anything else, patience.


To put things in perspective….


Less than a year into my business, I have about 15 clients across different services I offer (from small group classes to traditional 1 on 1 Personal Training to Virtual Personal Training). That is 15 clients I did not have when I started earlier this year. That is 15 clients that 6, 7 months ago I was stressing about how the fuck would I find them?? Or how would the find me?

And guess what? It is happening. Maybe not as fast as I would like but that does not mean I am not succeeding.

Because the other big realization that I am forever grateful for is that the clients I have are validation I am on the right path. I absolutely connect with them on a much deeper level than “just” giving them workouts to do. For 90% of my clients, I have regular interaction with them outside of their sessions. They check in with me frequently to tell me about their successes, and even the things they feel they failed at. I am more than a Trainer to them. I am an integral part of their journey.

And they are all people I adore and respect. They are my tribe and they embody everything I ever wanted in clients. I am so fortunate that every single one of them takes their fitness and overall health seriously and they do all the things they should be doing. They all work hard both in sessions and in life. They tackle things with such a positive attitude and they do not give up on themselves.

So to take this epiphany even deeper, and whoa, get ready! I realize it is a reflection of my own character. I attract the type of clients I want because I embody those same things. And all those traits are why they feel connected to me and choose me over other trainers. Because let’s be real. In Los Angeles, trainers are as common as seeing a Starbucks on every corner. It is highly saturated here and so the fact that I have currently 15 people who have picked ME over the other billion trainers in my area makes my heart so happy. I am humbled and I am grateful. (This truly is the principles of the Law of Attraction in full effect!)


I am not a newbie!

I had a moment this week where something so important, so obvious hit me. I have been living unnecessarily in like this newbie mindset. I find myself comparing my knowledge or expertise to other people and often feel really insecure about it. I go to other groups and trainers and coaches seeking advice when the reality is, I actually am learning intuitively what I need to be doing.

And it is not to say that I am arrogant enough to think I have all this figured out.  I definitely do not.  Not by a long shot. But I am recognizing I have what I need inside of me and all I really need to do is listen to myself, trust my instincts, trust my experience, trust my knowledge. I no longer need to live in this “I am new to this” state of mind.

I of course still intend to seek advice from others. The difference though is I am releasing this feeling of like being less than anyone I ask. Maybe they have been doing this training and coaching thing longer. Maybe they have trained hundreds of people. That just means I get to compare experiences with them and learn from theirs. I just need to not benchmark myself off of them. I am my own benchmark.


I have value.

Another big thing I realized this week along the same lines of not thinking I am “new” is I have a value, monetarily speaking. I am usually pretty eager to take on projects and opportunities without being paid as there is always potential for new business. Which is amazing and I am grateful. But I am also realizing, it is time I reevaluate my filter process for which I take on and which I do not.

I totally understand when you start out, there are things you do with your time to help you down the road. And I am all for that. I do think though there is a balance between giving off that “I am new and open to anything” vibe versus hey, I am more established, I have a lot of value to offer and my time is my money.


Mindset is everything. I understand that more and more every single day. Also, much like losing weight, it often is easy to not see progress each day and wonder, am I really changing anything? After a few weeks, months, all that work shows more and more. It is all part of a process and like anything else, I am learning to trust it more and more, but more importantly I am learning to trust myself.

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