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175 CrossFit Check-Ins and Chances for Self Care

Like clockwork, I went to check in for CrossFit the other day and for the first time since being at  DogTown, I noticed that it has tracked every check in I have scheduled. I saw 175 check-ins and was like DAMN, I have gone that many times?

Let me put that number in perspective. I have only been at DogTown CrossFit for 8 months (I joined in January) in which time I have had a few weeks out of town since, as well as a cold or two, a stomach virus, injury, etc. Yet, I still average 5-6 times a week.

In the even bigger grand scheme of things, I have been doing CrossFit for nearly 7 years (at four different boxes, including DogTown) consistently this entire time. The only time I have taken more than a week or two off consecutively was when I had knee surgery a few years ago. That week or two that I recovered from surgery was filled with Physical Therapy so it was not like a total fitness hiatus.

So 175 times at DogTown alone over a mere 8 months over 7 years; any guesses at how many times I have done CrossFit in my life? (I am guessing in the 1000’s).

And CrossFit is not the only form of exercise I have done in 7 years. I have gone running, kickboxing, hiking (including the steepest volcano of my life in Guatemala), stair climbing, cycling… to name a few.

I have lost people close to me over those 7 years.

I have had a shit ton of stress.

I have worked my ass off OUTSIDE the gym with jobs and starting a business.

I have traveled to many places across the country and the world.

I have talked to my family regularly.  I have taken trips to visit them regularly.

I have dated.

I have been social.

I have volunteered.

I have done a million other things, much like anyone else over these last 7 years, yet I have worked out at least 175 times this year alone.


Why am I “mentioning” all this?  Because seeing 175 check-ins is nothing short of commitment, dedication and dragging my ass there even on the days I was stressed or tired or sad. Not every day I show up I want to be there. Yes, I am one of those freaks who does love to work out and I never view it as punishment or inconvenience.  It doesn’t mean it is easy for me though. As much as working out feels as natural as breathing does for me, it still humbles me.

And 175 times is a reminder of so many things.

175 workouts I have done (at DogTown alone).

175 times I have allowed myself to be coached by someone.  (Because no matter how long we do CrossFit, we are never beyond being coached).

175 times that I choose my health and fitness over napping, training potential clients, hanging with friends, mimosa brunches, and countless other things.

175 times I have been in the company of others who have motivated and inspired me to work harder.

175 opportunities that I would like to think I have motivated and inspired others to work harder.

175 times I gave myself permission to escape my own life’s stresses.

175 times I simply showed up.

175 times I said FU to all the people who have told me I am too old to CrossFit and it is going to wreck me.

175 times I have proven to my clients that I am committed to my own fitness and lifestyle. (No client wants a trainer who does not practice what she preaches).

I have had every excuse to skip workouts and just give up on them, but giving into any excuse might make me feel satisfied for a minute. Long term though, it is not going to keep me feeling as amazing as I do. Fitness leads to gaining strength, endurance, feeling and looking half my age (some days). It leads to self-confidence.

No excuse is grander than the benefits.


There is something I have realized though in my short time working in the fitness industry. Generally speaking, there are two types of people. There is one type who uses fitness and workouts as a way to deal with everything in life from celebrations to stress.

And there is the other type who uses everything in life from celebrations and stress as a reason NOT to workout.

I know well from my studying for my Personal Training and Behavioral Change Specialist certifications that a lot of it is indicative of being ready (or not) for lifestyle changes or not. And I get it. Change is really REALLY f-in hard.

This is not a judgment by any means (if anything, it is what is inspiring me more and more every day that I pursue my new career to keep at it).

Seeing my 175 check-ins is significant because it proves that consistency is key. The more I work out, the more I crave it and the more I rely on it to be the one steady thing in my life at all times. My world changes all the time, which is how life is meant to be. Working out is what keeps me sane. And healthy.

For anyone who finds they have not even gone to the gym or worked out even just once this year, I challenge you to go find your why. And when you do, go work out. And work out again. And again. And again.  Until you truly feel those endorphins kick in. And you realize that working out is a privilege not a chore.  And you realize you do not want to live WITHOUT it every again.

There are no excuses. And if anything, there is every excuse to work out. Be the type who wants to work out to escape everything else for just one hour a day. Be the type who inspires other people. Be the type who inspires YOU.

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  1. Mayra P. says:

    Wow! I was one of that people that was putting so many excuses not to work out and now I am slowly becoming the people who uses the workout to deal with stress. Thanks for inspiring me!