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From Corporate Life to a Boss Babe Entrepreneur, Oh The Things I Have Learned

Major life events are like thousands of lessons that happen all at one time that translate to all aspects of life. Often they are really quite simple and things we probably already know. Sometimes they go deeper than we expected. They are all necessary.  It has taken me stepping way out of my comfort zone and starting over to be reminded of some really important, fundamental, even emotional lessons. Being someone who had been in the safety of the Corporate World for years who has become an entrepreneur, I feel like I am learning (and become more philosophical) by the minute.


  1. There is no such thing as being ready.

I am (well was) the type of person that anytime I had a job interview that I was seriously interested in, I would do a dry run (either by bus or car depending where it was) to make sure I knew how to get there.  Because my sense of direction is NON EXISTENT! I could not chance being late or flustered getting to an interview.

I am also the type of person that asks a million questions before committing to anything (much to the annoyance of others).

Not to mention I am also the type of person who stares at a barbell for 10 minutes before I get the balls to lift it when I am going for a new Personal Record (PR). Because well, I never feel ready.

Yet, I took the BIGGEST leap of faith of my life to become an entrepreneur. And I never ever could have been ready for it.

I could never have anticipated every scenario and challenge that would come up nor could I have been prepared for them. I definitely cannot do dry runs for things that I do not know about until they happened.

All I can do is take solace in knowing I am strong enough and resilient enough to handle whatever comes my way.

I know I have a tendency to want to know what I am getting into. The unknown is freaking scary, but it is also inevitable.

I could have waited another year to get myself “ready” but that would not have done a damn thing. Instead, I have spent years healing myself and evolving and that is exactly what is required of me to not crumble or give up on this really difficult journey.

That is really what is important. It is not about mapping out every scenario, challenge or contingency.  It is about working on yourself, your strength, your resilience that gets you ready to handle anything.

  1. Protect your energy.

I have said this before and yes, I am saying it again. No matter how many times we think we do this or know this, we still need to be reminded of it regularly.  Protect your energy.

Protecting your energy means being almost hyper aware of WHOM you surround yourself with. It also means you absolutely must acknowledge when someone and their energy just does not feel good.  Period. Walk away. You cannot fix someone who is broken or dark. They have to want to do that for themselves.

Whether it is a friend or a gym buddy or an acquaintance who is toxic, even though it is totally independent of your new venture (in my case, my new business),  the effect is not isolated. It does not just stop at the doors of the gym or when you get home after drinks. The energy you spend around people who are not good for you will wear you down and trickle into other aspects of life.

I want and need nothing but good vibes around me.  I do not have time nor the desire to chase people nor do I want to spend any time with someone out of obligation or invest in others who are not making the same investment in me.

I am learning to release guilt and do what is best for me.  Because the thing is too, the good people in my life are more effortless and natural. They support me the way I need without having to ask for it or seek it.

I refuse to be around people who I feel belittled by or unsupported and who quite frankly just make me feel shitty about myself. Nobody should have that kind of power over any of us.



  1. Stick to your guns.

As a small business, and as someone doing this for the very first time, it is very much trial and error. I plan and tweak based on feedback as well as demand. But once I DO settle on something, like the value for my services, I am learning to be confident and stick to them.

I have accepted that my services or cost will not be a fit for everyone. And that is ok. I know my worth and I know the value someone will get out of working with me. The right people will see that and they will become my tribe.

The confirmation I get is that I am attracting kick ass amazing clients. Like the ones I dream about. They come in, do the work, trust the process, they trust me. They see results and they come back. They are not bringing drama to my business. It is all the Law of Attraction right? I am attracting genuine rays of sunshine. For real. Not even being sarcastic!

  1. New stages in life means ebbs and flows in friendships.

When you leave a job or a gym even, it is really easy to lose touch with friends. The reality is when you have that common place that you can sneak in coffee breaks with a friend you work with or you see someone every day for the 7 am boot camp, it makes that bond, well easier. When you lose that common ground (literally) it changes the dynamic.

Not everyone is supposed to be in my life forever and I am ok and at peace with that concept.  Because life is about timing, and when I am putting my heart and soul into something, (like a business), I will attract different people.

And for that I am actually quite grateful. Being an entrepreneur has given me such a different journey than before and it is giving me chances to connect with other entrepreneurs. They become my friends and my peer group too. We have things in common and on similar journeys so it makes sense that other friends are going to exit my world. Whether those (former) friends know it or not, they are helping me progress. And that truly is a gift.



Life truly is a journey and I know I say that like every other sentence. I cannot better describe it though. Journeys to me mean navigating as you go. It means trusting in yourself. It also means surrounding yourself with the right people who are going to help you and not hold you back or take you downstream. I am grateful for my business not just for the career aspect but that I feel like being matched with my skills and passions, the best of me is coming out.

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