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4 Unexpected Things That Happen When Working Out With a Personal Trainer

Often we hire Personal Trainers because we have goals. We want to lose weight. We want to get stronger. We want to be able to run faster. We want to be able to keep up with our kids. Which all of these are stellar  goals.

What  happens though along the way is that not only do we work towards those goals, but we start experiencing the bi-products of training. Let’s start with the least pleasant of the bunch first.


  1. It is uncomfortable doing exercises or movements that you feel unskilled at. 

    Maybe you have some mobility issues and you are unable to squat to full depth or find your chest is falling forward. Your trainer gives you cues to fix as much as possible but you just can’t get it right. You get irritated. You feel defeated. You give up.This happens because it is human nature that we  DO NOT want to do things that we are NOT good at.

    But I will tell you this, if you felt confident in every minute of every workout, chances are you are playing it safe. And playing it safe leads to plateaus.

    My advice is to remember that EVERYONE no matter how bad ass they are, has areas of weaknesses. It is totally normal and so do not let those moments define your progress. Also, the things that give you the most heartache and trouble are going to be the ones that when you conquer, you feel absolutely elated about.

    Basically, trust the process. Embrace those uncomfortable moments and treat them like opportunities instead of setbacks.


Ok and now onto the really exciting benefits that may be unexpected!


  1. You start building your own workouts! 

    There is no shortage of exercises out there and ways to progress and regress them. Yet, we often stick to the same few we know because well, that is all we know. Duh. What starts to happen as you work out with a trainer is that they start introducing you to new movements (and they teach you how to do them correctly). Most clients are not working out with a trainer every day so the days they are left to their own devices, they start building their own library to pull workouts from.I know I am doing my job when clients tell me, “I did a Missy style workout at home yesterday instead of going to the gym.” Or they start programming those movements they used to bitch about, like burpees.

    You start finding that feeling of dread of having to come up with a workout on your own dissipates and is replaced by empowerment. You actually find you know how to give yourself your own kick ass workout that does not bore you to tears either!

  2. You start comparing yourself to your peer group. 

    And I mean this as a positive not a judgmental kind of thing. You start noticing how active and healthy you are and how the sky is the limit for you in terms of activities you can do. Or maybe it is on a smaller scale that while you have noticed your friends gaining weight over the years, you are the one who has not gained weight. In fact, you have gained muscle and gotten stronger.It is so important to be able to function day to day and unlike some of your peers, those training sessions are giving you that ability.

  3. You find you have an extra bounce in your step. 

    For many clients who hire Personal Trainers, they have goals they want to hit like losing weight or regaining strength after recovering from an injury. As they start to hit those goals, they start noticing their confidence increasing.Think about injury. It sidelines you and can set you back. Maybe yesterday you could squat 250 pounds but now you can’t even squat 100. Our fitness can give us a sense of pride and when we lose our fitness, our pride and confidence is shot.

    So as you start working on your fitness with a Personal Trainer, you start getting that extra bounce back in your step. You feel accomplished at what you are doing and it becomes so much more than a goal. Maybe you can finally do a full sit up because when you started working out with your trainer you could only do a crunch. Or maybe you could never do a  push-up and you progress to being able to do one. It is more than the movement itself. It is the sense of pride of accomplishing something that eluded you (sort of like point #1 above).


I could go on and on. Personal Training is like one of those things where once we do it, we love it and wonder why we never started sooner. Being happy with our health and our fitness translates to so much more. It truly is life changing.

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