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Why CrossFit Makes Me a Better Personal Trainer

If you know me at all (whether in “real life” or through Social Media), then it is no secret I am an avid CrossFitter. I work out about 5-7 times a week and so well, you can say, I am addicted.

So it is not a surprise that naturally a lot of people have asked me how come when I opted to study to become a Personal Trainer, I did not go the route of becoming a certified CrossFit coach?

The reason is simple.  I am not oblivious to the fact, that while I absolutely love and adore CrossFit, I know that others associate it with the endless stereotypes that go along with it. I wanted to have an unlimited potential for who I train and the reality is, many might see “CrossFit” on my website or business card and run in the other direction.

I decided as my first step, to go through NASM which is a well renowned program. And who knows?  One day, maybe I will add CrossFit Coach to my resume.

Ok so despite the dichotomy CrossFit brings of fear and fascination, it is undeniable that my experience with it for over 6 years has been very influential in the Personal Trainer that I have become.

Here is why.

  1. Variety is the spice of life. 

    One of the biggest reasons why I hear that people get bored with working out and lose their inspiration is because they do the same damn thing every day. Maybe it is jumping on the treadmill or maybe it is Monday Chest Days, Tuesday Leg Days and Thursday Bicep Days. After a while, for many, it gets monotonous and often it results in a plateau.CrossFit is literally different every single day. There are probably thousands of movements that can be programmed, but even if it were to use the same dozen, within those 12 movements, there are unlimited ways to make it different.

    From being around CrossFit for over 6 years, it translates to the programming I produce for my clients. I find creative ways to always make it different while never losing sight of their goals, strengths and my progressive plans for them.

    It has taught me that there are so many ways and movements to work every muscle group. Here is a simple example. I work on strengthening my clients’ triceps. I have one client who is recovering from a tricep injury and so for her, I have her use a resistance band (as opposed to dumbbells) to regain strength without stressing her muscle. I have a couple that I train together, and in a Partner Workout, I also incorporated a tricep exercise using a different resistance band.  They each held one side of the band and pulled back into an extension away from their partner. The band created resistance between them which is what made the movement challenging, fun and different for them.


  1. It is all in the details. 

    Sometimes landing a movement or failing at it could be the difference in one small tweak. Knowing what that tweak is (duh) is key. CrossFit has taught me the importance of the details and performing movements correctly.This is something that I have been told by clients that they love most about training with me. They appreciate that I am watching them (probably like a hawk) for those details and those tweaks so they can perform movements correctly and safely.

    It is also one of the benefits in general of Personal Training versus being in a group class setting, for example. The instructor is up there doing their thang, working out with the class. It is not feasible that they can correct everyone when needed (not justifying, just sayin’).  We have all been there where someone is teaching and saying things like “You should really be feeling this in your hamstring” and you are thinking, I don’t feel it anywhere. And instead of having form corrected (because probably it is a tweak to our technique that will fix it), we just go through the motions without getting any benefits.

    It can be the littlest of things that someone else (like a Personal Trainer) will point out that will make a movement effective and successful


  1. Miyagi Inspiration 

    Being a CrossFit athlete means I am around the best. And so I am learning from the best. And what better way is there to become the best than to be around the best.I have had the privilege of being trained by so many great coaches that I learn from all the time. That carries over not just into my own fitness, but into the training I do with clients.

    I also have been trained by coaches that leave a lot to be desired if I am being totally honest.  They have also has taught me what a good trainer/coach is. I have been on both sides and I have a total appreciation and understanding for what a client needs. And why a client would choose me to train them.


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