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7 Quirky Habits of a CrossFitter

When you work out regularly with the same people, you will inevitably notice their quirky habits, like the guy who always picks the same spot on the rig for squats. Or the woman who makes sure the weights on both side of the barbell are matching in color and facing the same way (sound familiar Ashley Heiselt of CrossFit SouthBay?). I have even seen someone sweep his platform every time before he lifts.

I admit I have my own set of quirky CrossFit habits, and I dare you to confess that you share some of these!


  1. Frequent refusal to be an adult and decide how much to lift in a workout. It’s like I don’t trust my own judgment as to whether I should RX or go lighter. I occasionally (by occasionally, I mean every day) ask my coach how much I should lift. I don’t want to sandbag but I also don’t want to die. Maybe it is because of a lack of confidence or not wanting to be that ahole lifting more than she should? Is it as a simple as I am just a nervous nelly?
  2. I really hardly ever wear pink, except when I work out (ok and on my nails but that is perfectly acceptable). Growing up in an obnoxiously pink room, I have developed an aversion to it. I typically do not allow it in my life yet when I survey my workout clothes, I see pink socks, pink pants, pink shirts, pink shoes, pink headbands. I even have pink barbell clips. It’s like a bad Dr. Seuss story.
  3. Because I work out at 6 am, I am asleep before 10 pm. I have been known to count my expected hours of sleep every night to ensure that I am adequately rested before lifting a heavy barbell over my head. I have always been sleep obsessed and CrossFit has given me good reason to keep it in check. Also, after once dropping a barbell from overhead on less than desired sleep, it skimmed my entire calf knocking me on my behind in pain. So yeah, sleep matters.
  4. CrossFit requires recovery and being that I am no spring chicken, I need extra help in that department. I recently started having a teaspoon of fish oil a day. Flavor it something fruity all you want but at the end of the day, it’s still herring and sardines that I am sucking down. For anyone who knows my weird issues with food, this is a big deal.
  5. I have been known to plan out the night before how much weight to the pound I will be lifting the next day in the strength portion. Every pound matters and I am not going to cheat myself nor am I going to make it any harder than it needs to be. Back when I did the Hatch cycle for back and front squats, I used to map out the plates I would need for each set. It’s one of the few things I have ever been OCD about.
  6. I own my battle wounds. I constantly find bruises and scratches that other people may found horrifying. I own them as they are a reminder of how much I pushed myself and challenged myself. Whip marks on my calves from triple under attempts, bruises on my chest from cleans. Even my tiny knee surgery scars I am proud of in a weird way. They remind me of where I have been and how far I have come.
  7. I compare everyday things to CrossFit movements. I estimate the weight of my grocery bags and the distance in which I must lug them to a farmer’s carry. I ask my nieces and nephews how much they weigh before I pick them as if I am about to do a kettle bell swing. I also find it funny when I throw visitors’ luggage into the trunk of my car and they in alarm say, “Oh no, let me help you!” Trust me friends, I have lifted more than that bag weighs.


Ok so those are (some) of my quirks. What are yours?

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